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Space between sole plate & subfloor???

Space between sole plate & subfloor???


Old 11-20-05, 05:19 PM
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Angry Space between sole plate & subfloor???

I sometimes hear a popping sound in the walls when I walk through a room. I say "sometimes" because it is not happening 100% of the time, but seems to happen mostly spring/fall when the temp fluctuates outside from 55F daytime to 30F evening.

I'm about to redo this room for paint/carpet, etc... After removing the carpet and baseboard trim, I can see a small gap between the sole plate and the subfloor boards.

Is there supposed to be any gap???

Is this most likely the source of the popping sound, if walking in the room puts pressure on the subfloor, raising it against the sole plate, making the horrible sounds I hear???

Any information someone can give me is appreciated.

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Old 11-21-05, 02:08 AM
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If you are talking about the bottom plate of the wall, there isn't supposed to be any gap. A small gap can appear if the joist below is slightly warped.

To fix it, you can cut a small hole in the drywall (below the top of the trim so it doesn't need patching later), put a couple shims in the gap. and screw the bottom plate down using long screws.

Most squeaks that I have seen are a function of the floor, not gaps at the bottom of the wall. If the decking is doing the squeaking just run some screws through the decking and into the joist below.

If access is available below the problem floor, you can run a bead of glue between the joist and the squeaky plywood (decking) before you put the screws in, and it will chase that squeak right out of your house!

I hope this helps.
Old 11-24-05, 07:59 AM
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Thanks for the advice MudSlinger!

It's a 2nd story room, so no access from below.

I've already removed the carpet and padding, etc. Of course since the problem is not happening all the time, I've only had one evening so far where it's made the noise again. During that time, stepping on the floor close to the wall, the popping sound comes directly from the wall area (not really at all from the actual subfloor board being walked on).

The gap under the sole plate, although not a very high gap (maybe 1/16th inch), is very long (several feet!).

If I were to do as suggested and remove only alittle drywall under where the trim would cover, I wouldn't really have access to the top of the sole plate. If I were to put some long screws through it at a diaganol (spelling?), do you think that would work just as good as if I went straight through the top directly down?
Old 11-27-05, 03:29 AM
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It sounds as though the popping you hear is probably a warped bottom plate in the wall, that wasn't secured well enough to the decking.

The bottom plate should be a 2x4 (or 2x6). If you can run the screws through the sheetrock and down tight enough onto the plate you should be o.k. I would also try to get some adhesive in the gap so the screws and glue could work together.

The bottom plate is only 1-1/2 inches thick. Most trim is taller than that. You could also try to screw into the side of the bottom plate at an angle into the floor decking, below the trim line.

Good luck, and I hope this helps.

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