Inspecting drywall


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Inspecting drywall

I am re-doing my kitchen and am ready to sheetrock. I notice on my building permit that there is a sign-off for sheetrock and am wondering what the inspector will be looking for? I know I cannot use green rock on the ceiling. I will use it around the sink area, but it is not required anywhere in the kitchen. Is the inspector going to be looking at screw spacing? Is so, what is the recommended spacing between screws? Do I need to call for an inspection before I mub over the screws and tape the seams or after? Thanks
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Inspecting drywall

I would call the local inspector and find out what he will be inspecting and at what stage he wants to do the inspection.

I am sure he will a big help, since it is easier for him to go out and approve a job done right than to get in a hassle about some unknowing unacceptable practices.


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