what replaces need for plastering?


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what replaces need for plastering?

We have a cinder block house with platers on inside walls, paint over the plaster. There are spots where the plaster has come off due to wicking and moisture behind the plaster. The moisture instrusion problems have been fixed.

I can't find any plasterers, and have been told plaster is seldom used anymore. Is there a better finish for the walls? Like maybe seal and paint?

If so, seems I'd need to get the remaining plaster off. What's the best way to do that?
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Any place that sells a stucco product will generaly also have products which will serve as interior plaster products.

Any handyman, as well as youself, can apply these products.
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Even the "depot " sells plaster in thier paint sction, it's powdered(just add water). Extreamly easy to apply and finish smooth.If your dealing with a small area almost any premixed wall compound is going to do the trick.
Tip.... a hair dryer will accelerate the drying process. you'll be able to finish the areas patched very quickly...

good luck....this ones a breeze!

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