Is this drywall safe to work on?


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Is this drywall safe to work on?

Condo is approx 50 years old.In re-doing the kitchen I cut away a 12'X12" square of drywall in order to hopefully move the range outlet and maybe some others as well.

The drywall is obviously original. 5/8" thick.What worries me is it has what looks like fine fibreglass slivers all through it and also has tiny glittery sparkles in it.

I'm cocencerned that maybe there is asbestos or some other nasty stuff in it and if so I will just cover put the cutout back in place and seal it up.

If anyone can offer any suggestions/advice it would be much appreciated.

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To be certain, you can have it tested. There should be local testing faccillities in your area and if not, there are mailorder places you can find on the internet. If a local place is decent, they should be able to tell you on the phone if there is any danger of asbestos in the material, saving you the cost of the test if the answer is no. I paid 60 dollars canadian for testing of one sample of plaster, which thankfully came out asbestos free. I have no idea what it might cost in the US.

There is a risk that if you test it and find asbestos, you are obligated to disclose when you sell (this depends on the jurisdiction). If you don't need to disturb it and therefore do not need to know, it is sometimes better not to ask. If you look hard enough in any house (or apartment buidling that age, there is likely to be asbestos and/or lead somewhere. Unfortunately it falls on the person who is dilligent enough to find it, to deal with it or take the real estate loss. Hope this helps.


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