Dividing wall


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Dividing wall

I want to partition a big room. The wall I want will run parallel to the ceiling joists, but not directly under one. How do I attach the wall at the top? Thanks (again).
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The most secure way to do it would be to install perpendicular blocking between the ceiling joists from above, then nail your top plate into that blocking. But unless you have an attic up there, that would be hard to do. All you would be able to do is glue your top plate to the drywall with PL200 construction adhesive or similar, and hold it in place with a few toggle bolts until the adhesive sets up.
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since your putting up a new wall, youll need to sheetrock and spackle, right? If thats the case I would open the bay and then do what XSleeper explained.
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I agree with the cross support between the joists. The glue toggle will aslo work well but I prefer the supports so you can move the wall slightly to plumb it.

The toggles work if you know EXACTLY where you want the top plate to be. I am not that perfect, so I always end up moving the wall slightly for square and plumb.

I hope this helps

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