support wall??


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support wall??

How can we tell if the wall we want to tear out is a load bearing or support wall it is the wall between the kitchen and living room it is only half the length of the room Please help?
Thank you
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If you have a basement go down and look for the beams that run perpendicular to the first floor joists, usually in the middle of the basement held up by posts. load bearing wall are right above these beams, outside walls are obviously load bearing to.Some wall that are giong parallel to the joists are also load bearing,but this does not sound like one of them.

If there is no basement find out which way the joists go if the wall you are talking about is going in the same direction it is probably not load bearing.

Because a Wall does not run the length of the house does not mean it is not load bearing.

The wall that is between the kitchen and the living room doesn't really help.

This is just a general idea of how to detect a load bearing wall.Joneq absolves himself of any liability if your house falls down. It should not be necessary to pay anybody to tell you if it is a load bearing wall.I have seen this suggested and should not be required imo. Only in extremely unusual situations.

You could get somebody in to give you an estimate for removing the wall and they will tell you hopefully,but only as a last resort.

You can usually remove a load bearing wall if you choose or need to.You will need to put in a beam.
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thank you

Thank you for advice and I take it as that no liability as all the info is very helpful. any further advice is appreciated
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Load barring?

I was also wondering this. I have a wall that I would like to remove only 1/2 but my doorways are arched. How much more difficult would this be to remove?
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You may need to be more specific and it may be better to post in the framing forum. Is this a load bearing wall.Give as much detail as you can.How long is the wall? where is it? where is the door in the wall? etc.
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If you have a basement with a center support beam and this wall occurs above above that beam, either parallel or perpendicular with the floor joists, it could be load bearing.

If your house is single story, in the attic, if the ceiling joists continue over it, end over it, are spliced over it, or you have roof bracing landing on it, It's a bearing wall. If the ceiling joist are parallel with the wall and you have roof bracing landing on it, It's a bearing wall.

If there is a 2nd floor above the wall, you have two options. You can remove a section of ceiling on both sides of the wall to determine if the 2nd floor, floor joists, cross it or end over it. If so, Its load bearing. Or you can use a stud finder to determine the location and direction of the joists.

Here is a link that should be of assistance;

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