Popcorn ceiling?


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Popcorn ceiling?

We have several ceilings in need of repair. They have already been sprayed with that popcorn/stucco stuff and have holes etc and I will never be able to blend the repair. Is it possible to smooth out the popcorn then paper the ceiling with a textered paper? What about using faux tin tiles? The house is almost 100 years old.
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If the house is 100 and hasnot been remodeled in the last 20 or so years then the ceilings are most likely plaster. The popcorn should scrape off easily. BEWARE, it could contain asbestos. Chances are that the ceiling was sprayed to camoflage cracks or loose plaster. You might need to do some repair before papering. I don't know how the faux tin is installed but I think you should be able to go over it. The room might be out of square and out of plumb and level.

I've had good success patching plaster in popcorn. I do the patch, spray the patch then spray the whole ceiling. It hasn't happened to me but I've heard horror stories of people spraying new popcorn over old and all of it coming loose.

I know this is more than you asked the words just started flying out of my fingers.

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