Repair to an old plaster wall


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Repair to an old plaster wall

After removing a 16"x24" section of plaster wall, the left edge measures approx 5/8" and the right edge measures 1/2". I want to use sheet rock to make the repair but can't decide if I need to use 1/2" and build up the left side with compound or vise-versa. Or am I way off on my thought?
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Use 1/2" and build up the shallow side. If you are nailing to studs you can add some shims behind the shallow side to fill it closer to flush. Or you can keep it shy and fill it with mud. If you use mud use a quicksetting mud. As soon as a coat is set you can add another coat until you have it all slushed out. They tape the joint, coat it another time or two, sand, texture to match or then prime and paint.
Whew, all that sounds like a lot of work. I think if I were doing it I would do it with plaster. Metal lath the opening, mix up some plaster and spike it up so it sets quick and then finish it. About half the time to do it with drywall. But then, I'm a plasterer and that's just me.

An amateur should probabaly do it with drywall. The materials are less mysterious and mistakes can be sanded. At least if the mistake is in the mud. What ever you do don't get the new drywall proud of the existing plaster.

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