Drywall over lath ceiling


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Drywall over lath ceiling

I currently have a drop ceiling, the kind with the white panels. I would like to add drywall to my walls (currently paneling) and to the ceiling. I did not expect to find lath under my drop ceiling. Is it possible to drywall over this? I need to insulate my outside walls also, and when I tear down the panelling will i find lath also? And if so, do I then have to insulate from the outside? I already remodeled the bathroom, it just had foam type tile on the ceiling glued to plywood. i just drywalled over the plywood, no problems. now i come to do the living room and find this lath. any ideas?

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I don't ever remember running into a situation like yours. Unless your paneling is heavy duty [thick] it will either have some give between studs or there will be some support behind it. I would think it would be easier to remove the lath than insulate from the exterior. There is a method where you cut holes in the wall and blow in insulation but I would think that it would settle over time.

Unless you need to insulate or wire from below there shouldn't be any problems with hanging the rock over the lath - just be sure to use screws long enough to secure the rock to the rafters.

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