finishing interior walls


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finishing interior walls

First, I have a 10yr old house in western PA with a surprisingly dry cement block basement. The front of the basement is below grade and then slopes to the back which is all above grade. Needless to say, the above grade blocks get warm in the summer and cold in the winter. After reading and reading, I might try the following:

1. Thoroseal or Dryloc interior block walls.
2. Use construction adhesive (in a grid pattern) to attach ˝” rigid insulation to block wall.
3. Conventional wall framing with steel studs 16” OC against rigid insulation (anchored to slab below and joists above).
4. Fill between stud bays with unfaced fiberglass insulation.
5. 6-mil plastic taped to studs.
6. Dry wall.

I’d do all of this for the above grade walls but won’t insulate the below grade wall.
How do I handle the top and bottom edges of the 6-mil plastic? Do I seal it to the slab and top rail of steel framing? I would value anyone’s opinion on this.

Finally, I plan to glue ˝ “ veneer brick to the outside of the exposed blocks this summer to give it the “brick to grade” look. Does this affect anything I am doing on the inside?

Thanks in advance.
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Veneering the outside of the foundation wall will have no effect on the interior performance. Good Luck.
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Why is it that you don't think you need to insulate the below grade parts. If you were to build a deck i am sure you would need to sink the footings like 4' below grade or in other words below the frost line. I would insulate the whole place.

I would also use xypex on the cement block. I don't think the others are in the same class. Xypex is more expensive though.

The basement is dry now. It will stay dry with the Xypex.

The insulation and stuff is better addressed in that forum. I would seek advice there if I was you. You so not want to create a problem while trying to avoid one.

Metal studs It is a no brainer.

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