Black Painted Ceiling?


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Black Painted Ceiling?

A friend of mine had told me a couple months ago about a home that he and his wife had walked through in the Parade of Homes in Central Ohio where the owners had spray painted all the ceiling fixtures (joist, ducts, wiring, canned lighting casing, etc.) black. He mentioned that it was really an attention getter, and that it was actually really nice. As I am currently finishing my basement I have always had this concept in the back of mind, but figured that I would just end up installing a drop down ceiling. In speaking with a plumber friend a couple days ago he brought up that I needed to come over and see his recently finished basement and that he basically used the same concept that me other friend had mentioned of spray painting the ceiling black. apparently he has actually seen this concept utilized in homes that he has worked in for teh past 10 -12 years. Now I am very intrigued and the thought in the back of my head is startign to move its way to the forefront. Having read and taken the advise of many postings from the DIY Commuity Forums message board in the past, I find myself now wanting to hear the thoughts and concerns of other members. I can definetly see many of the positives, but am really uncertain of all the negatives.
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Just an opinion... sounds cool, but I would think that youd want a higher ceiling to really get the "cool" effect which, to me, is an industrial look. A basement ceiling, at lets say 7 feet, would make it hard to appreciate I think.
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My thoughts exactly. It works great with high ceilings, or ceilings that don't have lots of wires, pipes, etc. running all over. I agree that it looks cool- especially in old downtown buildings with brick walls. The ceilings might be 20 ft high, but your eye kind of stops looking at 12 ft if they've painted everything from there on up black. It's not that painting it black will make everything up there invisible, it's still there, it's just black. It's a cool idea, but I'm not sure it would work in "every" basement. You'd need the right kind of lighting too.
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Although I've never seen it in a home, I've sprayed a bunch of bars, restaurants, etc. with flat black paint. If it didn't make the basement too dark I think it would look good with the absense of a tradional ceiling.
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In my shop in the basement I did just that. I put a shelf layer around 3/4 of the perimeter (but not on the wall with the door coming into it). I painted the shelf layer the same lighter color as the walls. The joists and what-not were painted with an extremely dark walnut stain. It came out rather nicely but because the room above has hardwood flooring and all the associated nails sticking out below it was a royal pain to do with a brush because the stain was always dripping off the nails all over me. This is a ceiling maybe 1 or 2" less than 8'. The shelf layer as well as being very functional for stroring paints and caulks etc. breaks the layers so that it looks like a ceiling with a big dark open area above it. Also, instead of wiring the switches to the lights, I wired them to outlets in the ceiling and installed hooks in a variety of positions. This makes it easy to move the 4' flourescent fixtures easily depending on what I'm doing in there. The flourescents just plug into the switched outlets up there.
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I have seen these basements and it doesnt take a fifteen foot wall for it to look good. These people are going for a 'loft' look and some basements pull it off better than others.

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