can i remove this wall?


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Question can i remove this wall?

I'm in the middle of remodeling my kitchen and would like to take down the wall between the kitchen and laundry room. How can I tell if i am able to do this? The wall has a pocket door in it.. Any help would be grateful..
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If you have a basement with a center support beam and this wall occurs above above that beam, either parallel or perpendicular with the floor joists, it could be load bearing.

If your house is single story, in the attic, if the ceiling joists continue over it, end over it, are spliced over it, or you have roof bracing landing on it, It's a bearing wall. If the ceiling joist are parallel with the wall and you have roof bracing landing on it, It's a bearing wall.

If there is a 2nd floor above the wall, you have two options. You can remove a section of ceiling on both sides of the wall to determine if the 2nd floor, floor joists, cross it or end over it. If so, Its load bearing. Or you can use a stud finder to determine the location and direction of the joists.

Here is a link that should be of assistance;
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^^^^^^^what he said

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