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Which comes first, cutting drywall or framing out wall?

Which comes first, cutting drywall or framing out wall?


Old 01-13-06, 05:47 PM
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Which comes first, cutting drywall or framing out wall?

I am removing a portion of a (non-loadbearing)wall to make a breakfast bar counter in hopes of opening up the kitchen to the dinning room. The kitchen side of the wall had laminate wood siding that I could just peel back and remove. The dinning room side is drywall. Should I try and cut the studs I'm removing, frame the opening and then cut the drywall to match? Any reccomendations would be apprecitated. Thanks.
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Old 01-13-06, 05:52 PM
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Frame first, take the opportunity to add a plug or two if needed, then drywall.
Old 01-13-06, 08:01 PM
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If your goal is to avoid doing a lot of drywall work and it's possible for you to remove the wood siding so as to work from one side of the wall, then yes- you probably could try to cut out and frame in from the opposite side, then once you have your rough opening for your window, then cut out the drywall. The problem will be reciprocating off all the 2x4 cripples at the proper height without blowing the reciprocating saw blade out through the surface of the drywall. Cutting as deep as possible with a skilsaw will make half your cut... and setting the "foot" of the reciprocating saw to the proper depth will help. But it's tough to do, even for a pro.
Old 01-14-06, 09:55 AM
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I would cut the drywall about 6-12" under the elevation you desire, then tackle the framing of it. You will have to add the strip from your cut, to the top. This could be an option for you if doing what Xsleeper doesn’t work out for you.

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