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Basement Walls - Texture over painted drywall

Basement Walls - Texture over painted drywall


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Question Basement Walls - Texture over painted drywall

Hi all.
n the ouse.
Our basement (900 Sq ft) was finished by the previous owner. His quality was very lacking. No drywall joint was mudded properly (You can see all seems - 1/16" impression), many dents, bumps, and junk was painted over, etc.. Several of his corners both inside and outside styles are lacking - you can see indentations, tape, etc.
Finally, it is a dark brown painted color.

We were discussing re-finishing the basement (sand all walls, re-mud everything, more sanding, and then painting), but we just has our ductwork cleaned so we do not want any dust. A friend of mine suggested we just go through and apply texture over the walls to give it the 'orange peel' look or hand texture look. He said we would not have to perform any prep on the walls, we could leave them as-is and the texture will cover up all the imperfections.

Is this correct?
Can I just go through, mask off everything, do the texturing, paint it, and it will hide all these imperfections?

If I have a contractor do this, what is a ballpark rate? Is it a rate per sq ft of wall?

Finally, if we install new baseboard, should we do that first or after the texture?

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It is unfortunate that the previous owners didn't finish what they started.

Depending on the texture you use, it could be possible to hide a lot of his poor work. Some textures use a massive amount of joint compuond though, and joint compound doesn't always go on well over painted surfaces.

Regardless of what you choose to do, I would recommend that you start off by repainting the room with a good primer sealer. Oil, dirt etc will make fixing it tough.

If it was my house, I would most likely finish the job he did by feathering and finishing what he started so I had smooth walls. You shouldn't sand over the painted areas first, as that will just be messy and won't help much. If there are lumps and high points, they can usually be scraped down with a sharp drywall knife (5"). As dust is a major factor for you, one can apply 3 or 4 coats over his mess and make any imperfections disappear. On the final coats just make sure that the mud is the consistancy of runny mayonaise, and you will fill any small ridges that are left. Doing this, sanding will be vitually uneeded, and if dust is that big of a concern, use a damp sponge to blend in imperfections after the final skim coat

(I don't care for the whole "damp sponge thing", because it can leave tiny swirls, and with a knife, walls can be made a lot smoother than what you can with a damp sponge. The first number of years I did drywall, I never sanded; and the joint compound was smoother than the paper after the skim coats... so it can be done with a little practice)

You could also panel the room which will give you minimal amount of dust. Or, you could fill some of the gaps and things, followed by wallpapering (man, I DO NOT do wallpaper... (it's just something I don't do )

Not knowing the layout of the room, ceilings, how much bead, etc. I don't know what I would charge to fix it. Although I probably would charge the same as doing it "new" because it sounds like his work was no help at all. I would estimate to finish the walls (not including painting in primer first), you are looking at about $1500 as long it is "fixable".

Although when doing it, I would first cover every intake and return that goes to/from the heater so as to isolate the room. And upon completion of the work, change the heater filter.

I would always put on the baseboard last.

I hope this helps.

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