Removing old tile adhesive


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Removing old tile adhesive

We are currently in the process of redoing our entire kitchen. The previous owners had an old tile backsplash up which we removed and would like to put up a laminate backsplash that matches the new countertop. The problem however, is that when removing the old tile, most of the old adhesive that was holding the tile in place remained stuck to the wall so the surface is not flat. I've tried sanding and using a wire brush but neither semed to work real well. Iw want the surface to be flat so the laminate backsplash installation goes smoothly, any suggestions?
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You might try scrubbing with paint thinner.

If feasable the easiest fix would be to install new drywall or plywood over top of the existing wall.
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Semi-ditto with Marksr

My choice would be to remove the drywall from that section and put in a new piece, or glue the wall and stick 1/4" plywood to it.

Removing old glue = no fun (I personally hate doing that the same as I hate wallpapering!)

"cut and patch" = immediate gratification

My .02

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