Attaching Drywall to Trusses


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Attaching Drywall to Trusses

Please, someone reassure me.

I have a basement with a truss system similar to the picture. The 3 1/2" (broad side) of the 2x4 truss components is facing down. I take it the drywall for the ceiling may be attached to the truss directly, every 6" or so (with screws), and the adjacent panel attached every 6" offset by about three inches (staggered).

( What should I use to attach the 1/2 drywall - are 1 5/8" drywall screws to long - something else? )

Just measuring twice before I cut...


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The most common drywall screw for 1/2" drywall is 1 1/4". You can use the bigger ones that you have, just a little more work.
It is not necessary to put more than 3 in the field = 12" on center, plus your perimeter screws. If you break through the face paper add another screw close to it.
Stagger your butt joints at least one joint. I prefer staggering two joists apart as it makes it easier to line up the sheets and when finishing, easier to hide the joints.
Hope this helps.
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An 1 & 5/8" screw would be my choice.
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Remember to use adhesive on the joists/studs as well!!! (Some areas require it)

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