Which drywall in basement???


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Question Which drywall in basement???

Can anyone advise me what type of drywall to use in my basement, including the basement ceiling? Does it matter? My remodeler says he plans to use a "moisture-proof" drywall which I think is really just "moisture-resistant" for the basement, but I have heard this can be a problem for the ceiling, as it can sag. He has framed the basement already using steel studs. Can someone please advise me? I'd like to discuss with the remodeler. Thanks.
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Around SE Penna 1/2 regular drywall is standard. Certain townships require Moisture resistant drywall (aka: greenboard) on bathroom walls. Some do and some don't allow it on ceilings.

I saw a different type of moisture board at Home Depot this past week that is also moisture/mold resistant, although it was around 15 dollars for a 4x8 sheet... very expensive!

Assuming that your project is going to be inspected by your building inspector, you should call your local building inspector to find out what the building codes in your area require. It would be too bad if they made you tear down what was just installed.

As a side note, it sounds as though your contractor feels that greenboard would be a benefit if you have a damp basement, as greenboard is more expensive than regular "white board", and he/she is trying to look out for you. I would give them credit for that.

I hope this helps.
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Thanks for reply!

To Mudslinger. Appreciate the feedback greatly, as I'm new to all of this.
I do give my remodeler credit for considering the greenboard.
While you say it's not necessary to insulate the ceiling, will it hurt in any way?
My basement is not particularly damp, just normal basement-damp. First floor of house is kinda cold, he thought this extra insulation might help that.
Have a great day.
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IMO the only way insulation will make the first floor warmer is if the basement is not heated. It will stop [or slow] the transfer of noise from the basement to the next floor.
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I didn't mention insulation, however now that we are on the subject ...

As Marksr said, it can keep the upper floor warmer if the lower isn't insulated. It does cut down on noise to an extent.

Insulation manufacturers would have you insulate everything but your fish tank.

I have some bedrooms over very cold lower floors, and I wish there was more insulation, as those rooms get cold. As a general rule, insulating is better; and while there is no sheetrock (drywall) up, it is the perfect time to do it.

Thanks for the thanks, and I hope this helps too!

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