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replacing plaster cieling

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Join Date: Jun 2002
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01-23-06, 08:55 AM   #1  
replacing plaster cieling

i have a big hole in the bathroom ceiling it looks like 1/4 drywall & 1/4 brown plaster mix.this is a downstairs duplex.the toilet or shower from upstairs leaked down the ceiling in one spot walls are a little water damage too. i wil be doing the work myself
need info and tips what are possibilities!
do i need the rip out the whole ceiling or fix the damage spots

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01-24-06, 03:28 AM   #2  
I only have a minute, but do want to help.

1. You have plaster over drywall lathe. As the plaster got soaked, the lathe did as well. You should only need to repair the damaged part, and not the whole ceiling.

2. Plasterers will most likely recommend plaster repair, drywallers the latter.

3. To fix it

A. Cut out the damaged area out to the closest joist (1/2 way across the joist)
B. Cut a new drywall piece to go in. You may find that 5/8 will take you "even" with the rest. You would rather have the patch be even or sunk in a little bit, but not "out"! Install the drywall with screws
C. Use joint compound to coat the seams and screws.

If you choose plaster, install new drywall lathe so it is sunk into the patched area. Use browncoat plaster to fill most of the recessed area. Then use finish plaster to skim the area even with the ceiling.

Both options for patching are very similar, although most people would use drywall/joint coumpound because it is more "consumer friendly". The biggest difference is: with plaster, the "lathe" will be thin (allowing for brown coat and finish plaster. With drywall, a majority of the hole will be filled with drywall, using joint compound to fill and feather it in.

I hope this helps.

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Join Date: Jun 2002
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01-24-06, 12:18 PM   #3  
thks mud slinger"""""::?:"[email protected]$#%&%***

your da man, i will follow your directions slowly,but surly keep ya posted on success with this venture on a later date

happy days

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