Sheetrocking Ceiling


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Sheetrocking Ceiling

The ceiling is 61"x128". I just need to know the best way to set up the factory striaght edges and the beveled edges. I thought that I should cut a 61" piece butt the beveled edge to the wall, then cut another 61" piece, butt it to the beveled edge of the first peice, then cut my last piece to size butt the beveled edge to my second piece which would leave my cut facing the wall. Is this the right way to do this? Are you supposed to try and get all non beveled edges on your inside 90s? Or can you have both straight and beveled edges.
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The way you were thinking about doing it should be fine, although cutting a 61" piece, you can put the cut edges into the corner, and then have factories across the ceiling which will make finishing easier.

If the ceiling was large, you should try to put the long length of the drywall perpendicular to the joists. However, on a small ceiling (sounds like a bathroom or kitchen), you can "do what you need to".

Although "non-factory edges" are desired on outside corners, "anything goes" in regard to the inside corners, and factories "in the field" are always preffered.

Good luck, and I hope this helps!

EDIT: On second read, it sounds like you and I are talking about the same thing, with the non-factories all the way down the longest part of the wall, and one 61" end being a factory, and the other 61" end being a non-factory. If this is the case, you are doing it as I would.

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