water seeping into bedroom - HELP!!!


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Question water seeping into bedroom - HELP!!!

hello all! i have a big problem with a starter house i purchased a few years ago and figured i'd come here for some sage advice.

the problem is simple: water is seeping into the northeast corner of the bedroom whenever we have a heavy rain. i purchased a dehumidifier last summer to help remedy the situation, but as i'm sure you've figured out by now the problem has gotten out of control. the carpet permanently smells like mildew in that corner and i'm sure once i tear-down the wallpaper, the drywall will be rotted.

from what i understand, the room was an addition and it's obvious from just giving it a once over that it was poorly constructed. i have no idea what foundation they laid. the house does not have a basement and the crawlspace does not extend underneath that room. i'm assuming it must be concrete slab.

does anyone have any advice on how i should tackle this problem short of hiring a contractor? or can you perhaps point me to any books/videos that may address problems like this?

thanks in advance for listening and if you need any other info, please ask and i'll gladly oblige it.

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Is the water leaking in from ground level, or down from the top of the wall?

If it is from the ground area, is it coming in underneath the bottom plate, or up from underneath the foundation?

Do your downspouts go into the ground next to the foundation, or do they come down the side of the house and route away from the house at a slope that gets the water away from the foundation?

Even after you answer these, someone may not have an "easy" solution, but it will give the forum a better idea of the situation.
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I am not an expert nor that experienced in building. I am learning from repairing problem areas in my home.

You may see the leak on the inside, but leak or penetration area could be on the outside.

You will also have to consider....

Was the roof properly constructed?
Is there a cement slab under the floor?

Bottom line: the leak(s) will have to be located and sealed. It maybe adviseable to move the bedroom until the problem is resolved.

Replace water damaged areas or items-- drywall, insulation, etc. Also check for rot on wood.
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Unhappy it's worse then i thought

hey guys....

thanks for the advice.

the downspouts route away from the house. the grade around the bedroom is flat, but what's happening is that the "foundation" (more on that later) is sinking and is almost at ground level. so i initially thought that the water was coming from outside only... that was only until i ripped out the carpeting.

unfortunately, the situation is far worse than i had anticipated... on several levels. i ripped up the carpet in that corner this morning, and as i expected the sub floor was rotted out. what i didn't expect was that there was no slab... no foundation... no vapor barrier.... nada. just sub-flooring on top of dirt. what were they thinking? there also doesn't look like they made any attempt to waterproof or termite-proof the sill. it's almost as if the frame itself is resting on dirt. i'm screwed and most definitely over my head here. looks like it's time to call a contractor.

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