cracks in the corners


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cracks in the corners

We added six ft. to our garage and turned it into a family room. Drywalled the whole thing.
I noticed the other day that all four corners have cracked almost the whole length of the corner...I'm sure the workers used paper tape but not positive.. What would of caused this and how do I go about repairing this?

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I only have a minute to write, but it could be a number of things.

1. It could be that the lumber is shrinking because it is drying out. If this is the case, after it dries all the way (maybe 6-12 months), you could retape the corner. This even happens in the McMansions.

2. If the drywall wasn't screwed "tight" at the corners, and the walls are shrinking because of winter, then they should be screwed in. (Sometimes a drywaller will butt a sheet into a corner and use the opposing sheet to "hold it in place". They did it on my house and every winter I get a crack/gap in my outside corners of up to 3/16" (until I fix them)). Hopefully there is a nailer there to screw the sheet into.

If you can press the corner and the drywall moves, or if the crack goes away in the summer that is the problem.

3. It could be the foundation settling a little, but 2 walls were already there, so that is less likely.

I would call the contractor back if you just had it done. Usually they will give a 1 year guarantee for this type of thing, and taping a few corners is no big deal if it makes a customer happy rather than mad.

I hope this helps.
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Not the best fix but caulking the corners is an easy fix. Do see if you can get it repaired under warranty first.

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