Drywalling outside corners


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Question Drywalling outside corners

I have done a lot of drywalling on my homes, as well as relatives and friends.
However I havn't done any outside corners for some time.
My question is which works better, butting two cut ends and capping with a metal corner bead, or is it not better to butt two tapered ends and use the metal corner bead over that?
If I did the last version, wouldn't blending be much easier and smoother?
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I have strong feelings on this topic as many here know....

You are far better off having cut drywall (NOT factory edges) on the outside corners. In short, corner bead has to sit out from the corner to be filled well. If it is "sunk in" due to having a factory edge on the outside, the 90 corner will be closer to a true 90, although you may have a harder time filling it because your blending will only go as far as the factory edge (about 3"), and to blend a piece of corner bead well (i.e. lay enough mud over the nails), you need to feather it out from the corner about 6"-8".

Sinking the bead into a factory outside and finishing it is very possible to do, although why make the job harder than it needs to be? Also, if it is not put on even, filling one side will be o.k., although the other angle a nightmare that requires a "hump" from the corner, out, and then back into the wall.

Funny story- I did a basement one time where there were 55 pieces of bead. The homeowner hung the rock and then said to me before I started... You would not believe how much time it took me to plan out the outside corners so they would all have those wrapped paper edges. I wasn't able to get all of them, but you only have 2 or 3 that have cut drywall... ... it's a good thing I knew him well before he was a customer.

I hope this helps.


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Thanks for your response.
I do understand what you said.
It struck me that applying the bead over the factory edges might sink the bead too far.
I'm sure Iv'e done it the way you said in the past, just getting too old to remember

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