Outlet covers


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Outlet covers


We replaced our fine, 70s dark paneling with drywall.

We painted them, and made them look really good.

There's one thing, though. In our rush to get the drywall up, we didn't take into account that the drywall is 1/2 inch thick, whereas the paneling wasn't.

Now, I have beautiful walls, but all of my outlets are recessed so far back into the wall that I can't put any covers on them. I've tried pulling them out, but they just seem wobbly to the point where I'm afraid they might be dangerous.

Any type of electrical/contractor out there with any advice?
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You can purchase box extenders at HD or Lowes that are for this exact purpose.
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You can also buy oversized covers/plates if needed.
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Home Depot sells box extenders in different colors for the different widths they come in.(1/4,3/8,etc.) I have used them before, they work great. Just be careful, as you have to un-screw the outlet/switch and angle the extender over it so that it rests over the face of the box, then the outlet/switch will get screwed over that. You may want to shut off the breaker first, as touching the contacts will wake you up in a hurry.

As a side note, when you get ready to put on cover plates, they come in usually three sizes, standard-midway-jumbo. On the new heavy duty plastic boxes I use the midway because by the time the router has plunged them out, the standard do not fit most of them.
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In a number of cases like that, I measured the distance needed and then used a stack of small flat washers. It works just fine. You can use the little paper or plastic retainers that came with the outlets/switches to hold the washers in place.
As mentioned before, kill the breaker to those before attempting to move them.
I have seen electricians simply use the cover plates to make this adjustment, but I don't feel that is safe.
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It is best to use box extenders as this keeps all the electrical contained in the box as it should be.

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