Attaching Drywall to Floor Trusses


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Attaching Drywall to Floor Trusses

Hey guys. Back again.

I'm still in the process of finishing off our basement. I have visions of attaching the ceiling drywall to the first floor trusses. There's one sticky point though. These trusses are an I-beam truss. The tops and bottoms of the I's are constructed from a wood layered laminate. It is a very hard surface and I imagine some difficulties in getting the drywall screws into them.

Currently I'm working in a small room and I'm putting up some 2x2s so the ceiling hangs below some plumbing that runs perpendicular to these same trusses. I'm pre-drilling the 2x2s so they don't split when I nail them to the trusses. I've found I have to actually drill part of the truss as well just to the get nail in. Granted they are large 3" nails but it's almost like hitting concrete if I don't pre-drill a start before nailing.

I do not wish to put 2x2s up all the way around the entire basement. Too expensive, too time consuming and too frustrating finding 2x2s that aren't warped.

So what would be your recommendation? Go ahead and screw the drywall into the truss even though it means, possibly, having to pre-drill for each drywall screw? Or is it possible the screw gun will have no problems penetrating the truss? Or some other option I haven't thought of?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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I wouldn't think there should be too much difficulty with screws. Why don't you take a screw and see how well it goes in. If screws are a little difficult to use add adhesive to your list of supplies - you won't need to use as many screws.
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Rent a compresser, nailgun and a drywall screwgun.

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