cost to add a wall to a room


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cost to add a wall to a room

I am thinking of purchasing a new home but it will depend on the cost to add a wall to divide a room so I can make a bedroom. I have not even a remote clue what an approximate cost would be. Looking at one drywall, 12' wide by 8' high, opening for door, door trim and baseboard. Needs to meet the ceiling. Also would need to tear out a set of shelves and cabinets on existing wall. This is a finished basement room with carpeting. Anyone have any ballpark idea of what this would cost in Ohio? Looking for labor and materials costs. Many thanks to any responders. I cannot have someone in to estimate obviously!
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I don't know Ohio pricing, but in SE Penna you are looking at about 2 days for a 1 carpenter to do the work; so I would rough guess at about $700 in labor and about $300 in materials. The type of door can play a big part in the cost, and I figured about $75 for a standard pre-hung. You do the painting...

If the wall is going to be perpendicular to the joists, it is an easy "tie-in", if it is parallel, it can be a pain to add cross bracing.

If you estimated $1500 I think you could be safe all around.
This assumes that the new wall wouldn't require any electrical, which a couple outlets could cost another $120 if the electrician could tie into a line close by.

I hope this helps.

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