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Red face popping sounds from ceiling

I tore out a small standard size closet in a second floor bedroom to make the room into a home office. The closet was immediately to the side of the entrance door. Ever since I did that I have been hearing popping sounds coming from the ceiling (8') of that entrance door. I am 100% sure that for the previous 3 years that I've live here, I had not heard of those popping sounds. It comes from the same spot and most of the times it comes every 25 minutes and then it varies but it has been sounding everyday day for at least a couple of months. Is this a sign a problem?
What professional can I call to check on this? I called a real-state home inspector but he mentioned that he was not familiar with such cases. Thanks for reading and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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Did you tear out a load bearing wall?

Without pictures, it is difficult to identify your situation. It may be that the wall, although not load bearing, had the joists resting on them. In which case it may just be minor settling of the joists.

If the wall was load bearing, you could be having major structural problems.

I recommend that you contact a structural engineer to identify the situation.

I hope this helps, or at least points you in a direction that can help you.
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Load bearing wall is my first thought as well..... Do you know which way the joists run? Usually a load bearing wall is, of coarse, all exterior walls and some interior walls in which the wall is perpendicular to the ceiling joists. Joists usually run from the front to the rear of the house.

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