Removing Texture from ceiling


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Removing Texture from ceiling

Several of the rooms in our newly purchased house have stucco treatments on the roof. I don't care for them personaly but I could live with them. My wife however would like to see them go. how invloved would it be to have the ceiling leveled. Can I just get up there with a scrapper? the house is about 35 yrs old and has plaster walls.

Thanks In Advance

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Welcome to the forums

It would help to know just what type of texture you have.

If it is popcorn you can lightly wet the texture and most will scrape off - works best if the texture hasn't been painted.

If it is knock down or skip trowel - scrape and sand.

After what can reasonably be removed is, you will need to skim coat the ceiling to hide any imperfections [plus any damage from removing texture]

Hope this helps.
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If the texture is in the original finish plaster it can be scraped but it will be much harder to to it than if it is a texture added later with joint mud. And what do you mean by a stucco texture? Can you post a picture. You could have a plaster sand finish whick would be especially hard to scrape off. The previous advice about scraping is good if you can scrape. If it is too hard to remove then you can coat it over with drywall material. I like setting type joint compounds like EasySand or Durabond which is surely not easily sanded. You can use regualr joint mud from the box or bucket it will take longer between coats for it has to dry rather than set by chemical action.
This means that no matter what material and what kind of texture there is going to be some stuff spread on the tops.
Let us know what you have and what you end up doing and how it goes.

Remember the caveat about the value of the advice here.
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I'll try to get a picture and post it in the next day or two. I thought that it was original to the house and it was part of the plaster ceiling, but now that I think of it, I'm not sure. Some of the rooms have it, others have a smooth flat surface. As for texture I can only describe it as "Merangue-like."

Thanks for the welcome.

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