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how do you fix a long crack in a plaster wall

how do you fix a long crack in a plaster wall


Old 03-09-06, 03:12 PM
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how do you fix a long crack in a plaster wall

I moved into a 70 year old two story home. i love it. all original hardwood and crown moulding.

once it got cold though, a long horizontal crack developed on the staircase wall, my uncle told me i have plaster walls right there.

can u just sand and spackle it and paint it like you do with a hole in dry wall. the crack has gotten to the length it wants b/c it stopped growing like 2 months ago. i am a female first time home buyer and havent a clue!

any suggestions to fix a crack in a plaster wall in simple terms? thanks in advance!
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Old 03-09-06, 04:13 PM
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Call someone! (o.k. that was just a joke )

I do more drywall than plaster repair, so I would scrape out the loose stuff (you can use a utility knife, or scrape it with a can opener point, or anything that will make the crack "big enough" to fill.)

Next, use a 5" drywall knife and put some joint compound over the crack (about 1/8" thick). A 1 gallon bucket will be more than enough for what you are doing.

(As you are a homeowner, I recommend that you invest in a stainless steel joint compound pan as well. It costs $10 rather than $2, but it is WELL worth it. You will need it down the road, and plastic pans get scraped when used and leave plastic "hair" all over the place. I actually would love to ban them, but the plastic coalition probably would sue me)

Lay a piece of paper tape over the coated crack.

Run the joint compound knife over the tape to squeeze out just about all of the joint compound.

After it dries (the next day or several hours later) coat the tape with a thin coat of compound, and blend it out about 12" on each side of the tape using a 12" knife (10" will work too). The thickest part should be over the tape, and should only be about 1/16 " thick (max)

One day later, coat over your fine work with a very light coat (you are just trying to blend it all together, not build up any more thickness)

The next day you sand LIGHTLY, so it all blends in, but not enough to expose the tape you just covered

Paint, then show friends and family what you've done!!!!

P.S. The first time I did drywall I had never done it before either ...

I hope this helps
Old 03-17-06, 06:40 AM
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thank you soo much, it gives me a better understanding of what to do. cant wait to venture into my first plastering obstacle

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