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Pocket door removal from a wall - Questions.

Pocket door removal from a wall - Questions.


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Pocket door removal from a wall - Questions.

First off let me say this is my first post and my first major DIY portion even if it is a demolition.

We have an L shaped bathroom (toilet and shower in the short part sink in the long part near the corner, lastly entry door near the top of the long portion) there is a pocket door currently in the long part that blocks off the short part of the L from the long part.

We are remodeling and opening up the entire bathroom - putting the sink in the middle of the long portion of the L and adding a bunch of cabinetry the entire lengeth of the long part of the L then removing that wall that seperates the short part from the long part.

I am doing the demolition myself to save us a few dollars. The problem is our handyman thats helping with the install of everything is out on vacation until the day he actually is coming in to do the work in 1 and a half weeks.

I have already demolished the part of the wall that was on the lower wall of the L on the short portion, I removed the pocket door and I took out ALL drywall up to the corner where the short portion of the L meets the long portion of the L.

The problem is the section where the pocket door was in (the long part of the L but on the side of the long part athat connects to the top part of the short section). There is long lengthwise thin boards in this wall, the track for the door, and the header went all the way down to the end of the wall (part i have not demolished).

My question is this.

Should I demolish this portion of the wall as well to take out the header/hardware/ and add in 2x4's and then have them redrywall everything?


Should I leave this junk in the wall, cut down the line where the short portion of the L meets the long portion of the L, and then have them put in a single 2x4 to the old header, and then patch the entire thing?

Which one is 1) more acceptable, 2) more exconomic, 3) less time consuming?

Thank you for looking at this post. and I hope my description is good enough. I would post a picture but I don't see anywhere to add attachments.
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Old 04-01-06, 04:39 PM
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Welcome to the forums. You will want to remove the pocket door frame and replace the area with a regular stud wall. Since you are in demo gear, go back on the pocket door framed wall twice the distance of the size of the door (ie. 30" door, go 62") plus a couple of inches. Cut the sheetrock and pull it down. The pocket door frame is 83 inches high, so it is not the normal 81-82 you see with regular door frames. This will allow you access to the fasteners that actually hold the frame in place. Hopefully you will be able to remove it intact, saving it and the door for a garage sale, or for a habitat donation. Don't try to remove the header. Instead, build your wall from the header down to a pressure treated plate on the bottom.
Good luck with the project!!
Old 04-01-06, 04:48 PM
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Thank you for the quick response.

This makes 100% sense and I'll start on it immediately. Thank you for the input.

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