Safe scaffolding?


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Safe scaffolding?


I am in the process of repainting interior walls of my house.Most of my walls are 8-9' and some are 21'.
Can somebody please recommend a safe foldable scaffold ? Easy to use and fold ,SAFE and possibly tall for different hight areas in my house.

thank you very much,

Lana B.
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Many painters use a small rolling scaffold. Others set up 2 step ladders and a plank. Some just climb a ladder, climb down, move the ladder, and climb back up again. For painting, the rolling scaffold works better because you're moving so much- as when you cut the edge along the ceiling.
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On the 9' walls a 6' step ladder would be the best way to go. On 20' walls I usually use an extension ladder [have someone hold it if set on hardwood or tile]

I wouldn't recomend scaffolding for repainting interiors. You can buy narrow scaffolding but they can only go up [safely] about 10' Regular scaffolding [can be rented,wheels too] can go as high as needed but is a lot wider, would be hard to maunever and would need to be disasembled before moving to the next room.
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I repainted our 2 story entryway. Rented 2 level scaffolding which put the upper level at about 12 ft. I have absolutely no problems with heights, but I spent most of my time on hands and knees while on it . Next time will just use an extension ladder and keep moving it.

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