Practical Benefits of Plaster?


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Practical Benefits of Plaster?

I'm replacing a ruined plaster cieling with a drywall tray-ceiling. I have the option of replacing the plaster walls as well. I was going to go forward with drywall walls when the wife heard a rumor that Plaster has a natural cooling effect.

Has anyone heard of this? We have noticed the house is always cooler inside than outside (downstairs at least), but we're not sure if it's because we've been living in a stuffy upstairs apartment for so long or what.

Are there any practical benefits of Plaster? Do enough people actually seek out plaster enough that it increases appraisals and house sell-prices? I'm not looking for aesthetic reasons to keep the plaster, I know it looks nice but so does drywall when done in many ways.
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I also find my plastered house to be cooler than most newer houses with wallboard. Any thermal mass helps to moderate temperatures, and plaster is denser and usually thicker than plasterboard, so it makes sense it would moderate the temperature in your house somewhat, but I don't know of anyone who has quantified the effect. Coincidentally, the thermal mass effect on your house temperature would be reversed if for instance you had a dark plaster wall oposite a south window, as the plaster would absorb and slowly release the sun's heat. This is how passive solar heat works. In addition to the asthetic and temperature differences, I find that plaster also deadens noise much better than plasterboard. I think the value to a buyer depends on the buyer. Some people like the idea that the house has been "gutted" and everything is new, while others want everything original. Is the house in a historic district? Are other aspects of it original? Does it have any historic architectural character? It think these are issues to consider in any renovation. Just my opinion. Hope it helps.

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Thanks bruce for the info. The house is from 1890-1900. It is not on the official Historical list because at some point in time it was converted into a duplex, but it's obviously pretty old. It's a nice big house probabaly considered "traditional" style.
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I am in the same predicament with my plastered home. The key advantage of plaster is the sound insulation it offers. As far as being cooler in hot weather, that is also something I have observed in my house. I have always attributed it to exterior walls being cement brick, which retains moisture and keeps the house cool.

I like the plaster on my walls because of the texture. Lime plaster is also more durable than sheet rock, and does not get water damaged (mildewed) as easily.

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