Need to Smooth a "knock down" finish


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Need to Smooth a "knock down" finish

I will be putting up a large murial on a wall in a bedroom. The current finish on the wall is knockdown (on drywall) but I need a smooth finish. If I sand the wall smooth, do I need to prime it before haninging the murial? I will also have an area on the same wall that the murial doesn't cover and I want it smooth also so I can paint it.

I recently finished priming a bathroom wall after removing wallpaper. The primed walls are smooth enough for new wall paper but, in my opinion, aren't smooth enough for painting. So, after seeing how primed walls look, that's why I'm asking about the bedroom wall on the portion I will paint; I want it smooth.

My original thoughts were to mud the whole bedroom wall and then sand it smooth. And yes, I know the mess. If I take this route, can I just paint over the new finish and hang the murial on the new finish? Thanks
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You can do either.
However, masking the specific area, adding a couple of coates of topping to ONLY fill to the existing surface level is far less difficult than removing the texture.
And by the way, if you think there is a huge mess in the slight sanding required of the filled surface, try grinding off some texture.
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I agree
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try grinding off some texture.
Tried that once and I won't do it again. IMO it's easier to rip off the old drywall and start over.

My suggestion, get a bucket of mud and skim coat the wall.
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Just an update on this.

I began mudding over the knockdown, went to work, and came home and learned my wife finished mudding the wall. We had to put a 2nd coat on before sanding. I don't know why I said we because my wife put the 2nd coat on and also and sanded down the wall. It's smooth as can be and ready for the murial.

So mudding over the knockdown texture was easy. Then again, my wife did most of the work.

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