patching a ceiling


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patching a ceiling

I have a drop ceiling, above that is old ceiling which has many holes in it from ceiling co. looking for attachment points. How do I go about patching theses holes? It does not have to be a pretty job (apartment) some holes are small, some bigger. fering strip is visible on most holes. what material would i use and cheapest way. Any advise would be wlecomed. thank you
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Are you removing the drop ceiling and painting the old ceiling?

If it is a plaster ceiling you can use durabond to plug the holes. Drywall should have either durabond or joint compound using tape on the bigger holes.

If you are leaving the drop ceiling inplace and just want to seal the holes you could either use caulking or the insulation in a spray can.
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patching ceiling

holes are about 4-7 inch in diameter. slatboard is still there do i use mesh tape so as to get durabond up into slats? If i dont get durabond into slats will the weight of compound on the tape be too much and the tape will fall? drop is staying. this is just to remedy the cold air in winter in apartment house that is sweeping through old house ceiling joists and coming out these holes. figure best to do it while warm still.

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