blown in insulation


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blown in insulation

is it a big project to blow in insulation to tighten up cold living space. I live in a place where heavy cold drafts are coming through all exterior outlets. I tried the plug insulators but that don't cut it. there is not enough insulation in exterior walls. thinking about doing my own insulating. saw it on tv once seems do-able. is it expensive.
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You can buy bundled insulation at most big box stores and rent their hopper [sometimes free if you buy enough] but that is really meant for attics.

I assume but don't really know that you would basically do the same for uninsulated walls. BUT you have to cut a hole or remove some siding to access the cavity before you can blow the insulation. If the walls already have some insulation I doubt this would work.

Hopefully someone with more experience will post a better reply.
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Like said : Find out if you have any insulation in the wall now. If not then yes you can blow the cellulose insulation in . You do cut a round hole that fits the shut off end of the blower hose. You can do this on the inside or the outside of the home.


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