Adding A Stud on Plaster/Lathe walls


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Adding A Stud on Plaster/Lathe walls

I'm installing a HDTV, and am required to add a stud to an old plaster/lathe wall over a fireplace. The area is delineated by the mantle below and door finishing pieces on either side. I think there is no stud there to speak of, because it sounds entirely hollow, wherever I tap. Since the walls are so old, would you recommend even using a magnetic stud finder? I've also driven nails into where I think there would be studs, and sunk screws as well, but I can't be entirely sure.

I'm thinking I may need to add a stud, then.

If I remove a large chunk of the lathe/plaster area, how can it be patched back properly unless I cut out enough to go from stud to stud?

A bit confused..and your sage knowledge is humbly requested

Thank you
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If it is over a fireplace, there should be a stud dead center over the mantel, and one 16" to either side of it (provided it was built properly). A good sonar type stud finder in deep scan mode should detect a stud for you. If I understand what you want to do, you will almost surely have to remove more than an inspection hole to install a stud. Check for an existing one first, and post back your findings.
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Thanks, Larry. I found what seems to be a stud, but as these are older walls & a custom made 1910 craftsman house in California, it was further than 16". However, it was dead center..or rather two inches off from dead center.

Say I wanted to replace that stud, would it involve removing the plaster/lathe from either side to next stud center right to stud center left & replacing it with a (hopefully) same thickness piece--either 1/2" or 5/8"? I'm not wording this too well..

Hopefully it will be strong enough for a 100+lb TV on an extension mount arm.

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