hole in wall


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hole in wall

How do you repair a hole in the wall of a mobile home? The hole is about 6 inches long and the sheetrock is somewhat still there.
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Couple different ways to go. If the hole is narrow, you could just fill it in with spackle. If it's more than 1/4" wide or so, it would be better to patch the sheetrock. I like to cut a piece that's big enough to cover and then trace that on th wall with a utility knife so your patch and the hole into which it's going are an exact match. You'll need support behind your patch, so you may have to screw a couple 1x2" behind the sheetrock if the studs are not behind the hole. Then put a couple layers of joint compound over the patch, prime and paint.
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MH drywall is usually 1/4" thick while most conventional homes use 1/2"
1/4" drywall can be difficult to find - usually only the drywall supply houses carry it.
Patching as mitch directed will work with 1/2" providing there is no framing in the way.

The hole is probably too deep for spackling to be a good choice. Also because MH drywall has a vinyl face it is harder for the mud to stick. I would recomend first priming the area to be repaired with a pigmented shellac, then because of the size of the damage use a powdered mud like durabond. It will dry harder and not shrink like joint compound will. After the first coat of mud you can switch to j/c if you like.

If you are concerned about the strength of the repair you can set a piece of paper [printer paper will work] cut an inch or two bigger than the hole, over the hole after it has been filled using the mud as glue, be sure you smooth it out good with a broad knife.

Most drywall repairs take 2-3 coats, sanding the final coat to make it blend in.

If you need to paint the repaired wall it should all be primed with shellac prior to applying latex paint.

BTW - welcome to the forums
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Both of the replies have been very helpful! Thanks so much for the quick and helpful responses!

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