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How hard is it to replace part of sheetrock?

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08-04-06, 10:11 PM   #1  
How hard is it to replace part of sheetrock?

We had some water leakage from our A/C return unit in our attic. Now we have water stains and a slightly sagging ceiling in our master bedroom.

Everything has dried out now and my husband and I were considering trying to replace the sheetrock in the ceiling ourselves. We are talking about a 2ft wide X 4ft long piece of ceiling.

Is this difficult? Should it be left to the pros? If we could do it, where can we find step by step instructions on how to do it?

How do we get the stamped pattern of the ceiling to match the new part? How do we get the paint to match for that matter? Do we have to paint the whole ceiling since we don't know what color the ceiling was painted with to begin with?


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08-05-06, 04:56 AM   #2  
acually replacing the drywall is not that big a deal , blending it in so the patch is seamless takes knowledge ,experiance and a bit of artistry.

ceiling is not he easist place to learn either , why not try cutting a section of drywall out of a closet , laundry or garge and try replacing it and see how you do

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08-05-06, 05:42 AM   #3  
As MangoMan said, putting drywall on the ceiling is the hardest way to learn and matching texture is an often difficult task. If you want, it probably wouldn't cost a lot to hire this done. It is a great DIY project because the difficulty involved (which is not great enough to automatically hire this done) will translate into a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when you're done.

If you can post pictures of the ceiling, the pros here can identify the texture and tell you how best to match it.

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08-05-06, 06:38 AM   #4  
I agree, not all that hard for diy with making the repair disappear being the hardest part. If the sag isn't all that bad and the water stains your biggest concern you can prime the stains with a solvent based primer and then repaint the ceiling.

retired painter/contractor avid DIYer

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08-05-06, 02:55 PM   #5  
Marksr's advice is good.
You should try to push the ceiling up tight and screw the sagging area to the ceiling joists again. Then prime and paint. Try it. Then if you realy don't like how it turns out hire someone who is recommended to do repair work. A lot of people can make a good looking texture but to match the good looking texture done by another hand takes a knack.
You probably will have to paint the whole ceiling. Consider painting the whole room. In fact consider remodeling the whole house Whole houses have indeed been remodeled because someone changed a light fixture.

If you do this yourself spend sufficient time covering and masking.

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