built in holes?


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Question built in holes?

i have holes in my walls that appear to be purposely put there. i was tryin to get heat to come out of a register one day and i asumed the meatel grate on my wall was on. it was not. at the bottom of two of my walls (one in the living one in dinning)there are metal plates about 9" by 1'4". i removed the plate and all it is a hole in the space between the wall. i did see two old pipes that where capped off but that is it. what are these holes for? was there and old register heating system i have a furnance with lots of ducts now, no signs of old furnance. any guess?
would it be bad to plaster over these holes? one more note the trim of the house acctualy goes around these metal plates.
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Were the plates covering these holes solid or were they like your heat vents?
I think these are return air for your forced air furnace. As heated air cools it becomes denser and falls to the floor where it is takin in through these holes through plenums to the furnace where it is heated again. No don't cover them.
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I think it is the remains of removing an old radiator type heater. The hot water pipes were capped off inside the wall and the place put on to allow access in the future if one happen to start leaking.
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the plates are like heat vents. theres alot of slits in them. i have never covered them because i thought i got air from them. if they are for the force air why only 2? one is right above the furnace but the other is on the other side of the house. thanks for the input and i wont cover them.

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