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Attaching baseboard to brick?

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08-15-06, 02:25 PM   #1  
Attaching baseboard to brick?

I have recently put new flooring into a room that was an addition to the original home. The house is brick, and one of the walls in the added room is the original brick which was once on the outside. I have run into a problem now that Im trying to the put baseboards down. The old Paslode nailer isnt getting through the brick, nor the mortar (I didnt think it would, but it was worth a try). Im not sure how I can secure the board to the brick.

What are my options?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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08-15-06, 03:46 PM   #2  
You will probably have to use construction adhesive PL400, etc. Just make sure you don't put the adhesive too high on the brick or the molding so it will ooze out the top. That would be unsightly. I usually put the adhesive in a wavy design on the back of the molding, place the molding against the brick, pull it back off for about a minute and then reapply with pressure for a little bit.

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08-15-06, 03:48 PM   #3  
As Chandler mentioned, about all you can do it glue it and then brace it to the wall. I like to put thin quarter sized dots of PL200 or PL polyurethane every 16" on the brick wall. (makes it easier to remove in the future than gluing the entire thing) Press your baseshoe into it, then brace it until the glue sets up.

If you can tack something to the floor temporarily as bracing, that works well. If not, set some cement blocks along the floor, perpendicular to the brick wall. Then lay a 2x4 across the face of the cement blocks, parallel to the brick wall. Then you can cut some bracing (between the 2x4 and the baseboard) to hold the baseboard tight into the PL glue. Leave it set for a couple days to be sure the glue has set before removing the bracing.

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08-16-06, 06:06 AM   #4  

If the brick go all the way to the floor, do you really need a baseboard?

We did a similar addition on our house, and omitted the baseboard along the brick wall. The other three walls are conventional construction with drywall ,trim around the windows, and baseboard. Since the brick is a different wall material, omitting the baseboard does not look all that bad. Most of the area along the bottom of the wall is hidden with furniture and other "stuff" anyway.

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08-16-06, 11:49 AM   #5  
Thanks for the help guys. I decided to go with the construction adhesive lastnight and it worked like a charm.

Wire, thanks for the additional idea, but due to the direction that the laminate floor was installed (grain is perpendicular to the brick wall) there are minor differences in the spacing between the brick and the different floor sections...so it would have looked pretty bad without baseboard.

Thanks again all.

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