Bumpy, cracked wall surface advice


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Question Bumpy, cracked wall surface advice

One of the rooms in my old (1930s) house has really bad walls and ceiling...pseudo-stucco, deep cracks, a real mess. I've had suggestions for covering with drywall, skimming over with new plaster, heavy wallpaper, etc. Any ideas from this learned community for making an evenly smooth or textured surface where the cracks won't reappear; and for doing this on a tight budget? Thanks...
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Before covering/repairing the wall and ceiling, find out why the walls and ceiling are such a mess.

Questions raised include: Are there water marks on the walls/ceiling (which indicate a water leak)? What type of foundation (slab or basement) is room on? What shape is it in?

More detail & pictures of room would help us. At any rate, this info is what I would want to know before I did anything.

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I've lived with these walls for over 20 years...there's no water damage, it just looks like an earlier resident tried to stucco the surface, then another did a bad patch job over the cracks so they really stick out. I'm on a raised foundation that's been strengthened with a cripple wall (earthquake country, y'know). All the other walls in this house are skip-trowel over lath and plaster.

Thanks for any ideas you can offer. I'm thinking about just putting some 1/8 drywall over the existing walls and ceiling, but can't do that job myself so would be open to other creative solutions.
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There's a bunch of How To info on wall repair if you click the Info Banner at the top or you can copy and paste the link on this website at http://www.doityourself.com/scat/repairs

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