Plaster Based Joint compound?


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Plaster Based Joint compound?


Few month ago you i posted a question about skimming the textured walls in preparation for the Venetian plaster finish.
At the time somebody recommended using ProForm hot mud (plaster based) as regular JC will cramble under VP.
i ended up doing a different treatment on walls i was thinking about originally,but now i am really getting ready to apply skim coat over my orange peel walls .

I went thru a few Box stores in my areas and only one was caring the Proform ,but not hot mud.
More specialized store suggested using something used Weldcrete for the base coat and then the dry form of Imperial Finish Plaster.
Also, local home product store sells ready mixed Venetian Plaster for $35.00(2 gallons),maybe i can just skimcoat with that?
Please let me know if any of the above suitable for skimming textured walls - if not ,where do i find the ProForm hot mud which was originally suggested?I googled it - no results...
thank you very much,

Lana B.
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Skim the walls with all purpose joint compound. any brand will do. Then sand smooth and remove all dust. Then apply venetian plaster. Cant skim walls with venetian.
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Weld-crete is a boding agent. The same company also makes Plaster-weld. These are to assure a bond to the existing substrate. They work very well, only remember when bonding to paint that the bond is only as good as the paint.
Now the Imperial Finish plaster is a great product to get smooth walls. Or I think there is an aggregated one that will give you a nice, fine sand finish or other textures.
They set fairly quicly and are as hard as rock. Harder even than Durabond, which some people warn is not sandable. Unless you know how to handle a hawk and trowel and can lay down a flat even coat and get it troweled smooth before it sets you should not use Imperial Finish or Diamond finish.
These are not joint compounds they are plaster.
They will give you a hard, durable finish with the look and feel of plaster because they are indeed plaster.
If you were a plasterer you would know this already and would not have asked the question. Therefore, go with joint compound. Setting types like EasySand will let you put on more coats more quickly than drying types if in fact more coats are needed. They get hard by chemical action as does plaster they don't get as hard and can be sanded.
This is more than you want to know and more than you asked but some days the words fly off the tips of my fingers.

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