Ceiling alternatives for basement?


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Ceiling alternatives for basement?

I'm getting ready to finish a basement office. The ceiling is currently just the exposed joists and underlayment of the kitchen floor above. The rest of the basement has sheetrock on the ceiling, but there are two things that bug me about this.

First off, although I'll be able to sheetrock the walls myself, I remember what a pain it is trying to get sheetrock onto a ceiling. And all the contractors in my area are booked for the next 2 years. 8/

The other thing I don't like is that once it's been sheetrocked, you can't "get" to the wiring or anything in the space above the ceiling without tearing chunks of sheetrock out.

I've never been that thrilled with the look of suspeneded ceilings, but I could install it myself, and if I want to run additional wiring etc. in the future, I could move the panels.

Any other possibilities here?

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Do the drop ceiling I always do. Like yuou said so you can get back into it anytime.

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Drop the ceiling on the diagonal.

I have never done this and I suspect it is a major pain to do right, but square accoustic tiles on the diagonal actually look nice; I've seen them in several restaurants in converted industrial spaces.

You might also look into real or fake [pardon me, 'faux'] tin tiles.

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