going rate for labor vs my own


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going rate for labor vs my own

I am in the midst of remolding my bathroom. Thus far I have undertook the 'demolition' part - taking out the old wall tile, old plaster and so on (there was an ancient water leak and damage to the wall next to the tub). Now I am at the stage where we must fix the poured cement wainscotting (the old tile was adhered to a 2" thick cement room enclosure). I also have plumbing to fix/change as well as putting up new greenboard/plywood and so on.
The question is: What is the going rate for labor on this stuff? I got one quote from a contractor who wants $600 for fixing the holes in the cement (see http://mead.zymurgea.com/manor6.html) where the tub and prep the surface to accept new tile. Along with over $2K for the tile work.

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Labor, like materials, tends to vary in cost from area to area. Cost of job will also vary depending on difficulty and time it takes to complete the job. If in doubt about the estimate you have received, get at least three estimates. Getting at least three estimates is usually the norm when hiring a contractor.

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