self feeding drywall screwguns, help


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self feeding drywall screwguns, help

I have about 2000 sq.ft. of drywall to hang. was looking at the collated type screwdrivers, makita and senco. Do any of you folks have any advice or comments. Makita 6834, Senco DS 202.
Thanks in advance
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Not familiar with the units your describing - are they designed for drywall - or are they simply self feeding drivers? When hanging drywall - and screwing it - you need an adapter that will "release" the screw at the proper depth - a simple torque limiter won't do it. I've never looked hard, but I've never seen a self feeding screwdriver that would do this.
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I have the SENCO and it works fine.
However, I do not use it for production work, just the initial attaching.
What I've found is that you'll need to keep the feeder channel free from dust, as much as possible.

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