garage interior walls


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garage interior walls

hi neighbors

wantin to finish the walls n ceiling in garage,its insulated now, with studs visible.
wonderin if any have used sumthing other than sheetrock to do walls?

i.e., particle board, metal, etc?
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Did you complete your garage project yet?
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I wanted to cover my garage walls but still be able to access certain things....I used 10' drywall but instead of taping the joints, used 1x2's to cover the joints. Looks nice after painting and with minimal effort can still remove the drywall panels when needed. My dad used sheathing and the 1x2's and his looks great too after painting.
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Is this an attached garage??? If yes, it must be 5/8 firecode where it meets the house and all holes/seams must be finished. If detached, you can finish it as you like.
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My detached garage is rather large (32x28). I first put drywall on the ceiling then, after insulating I put up 7/16' strand board ( some call it chip board). I wanted to be able to hang "stuff" anywhere!
I also had the garage door insulated with the manufacturer's door kit. Now it take almost nothing to heat the garage in the winter. I keep it about 45 degrees except for when I work out there and then I'll put it up to 60.
The big problem is in the summertime. Phew!! It gets like an oven in there.
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I also lined my walls with plywood for 2 reasons. It is a cathedral style, 17' to the ridge beam so the plywood acts as a sheer wall and also as mentioned I can hang anything anywhere on the walls.

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