Bowed Ceiling Joist


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Bowed Ceiling Joist

I have a section of ceiling about 20-24inch wide and about 5 ft long that is sagging due to a single ceiling joist that is bowed. I have checked and there is no insulation or gaps b/n the joist and the sheetrock. In relation to the walls...the sagging joist is about 24 inches (and runs parallel) from one wall and the lowest point is about 2-3 feet from another wall so it is in one corner of the room. My thought is to brace the ceiling using a t-brace and then find the lowest point of the joist in the attic and make a vertical cut from top to bottom about 75% of the 2x6. Then jack the ceiling up past level, fill the cut with wedge(s) and then splice another 2x6 to the side of the bowed 2x6.

Does this sound feasible? and should I connect a brace from the joist to the roof rafter for added support. Nothing is on these 2x6's in the attic area...

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Sounds like a plan. Your other option would be to snap a chalkline across the bottom and cut the bow off with a skilsaw, jigsaw, reciprocating saw, etc.

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