cloth covered ceiling


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cloth covered ceiling

i have a 90 some yr old home, and over the years the ceilings in all the rooms have been wallpapered and been painted over many times. i started in a closet, trying to remove the old wallpaper, multiple coats, along with many coats of paint and belive this to be a lost cause. i have thought about putting wall board up and plastering the joints and corners and than painting. i have also heard a little about a cloth product that you can put over the wall or ceiling and get good results. has anyone heard or used this product, if there is such a product, and what were the results. any info would would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
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I believe the product to which you refer is a type of wallpaper with either a flat or embossed surface, that can be readily painted. I have used it in the past with superb results. You will have to paste it and apply it just like wallpaper, but when it dries it stretches out pretty good and flattens just fine. You may be able to find it in one of the big box stores or in a good wallpaper store.
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You might be talking about Nu-Wall or NuWall or something like that. It isn't woven fabric but is a scrim mat A coat of special paintlike material is rolled onto the wall and then the mat is rolled into it.
After it dries it is followed by another coat of paint like material.

I haven't used it but I saw it used.

The walls need to be in good shape or else every ding and dent will show but it seems to bridge small cracks pretty well

Googld Nuwall or Wu-wall or specchemical or some permutation of that and I think you will find it. It leaves a wall with a fine roller texture ready to paint except for filling any dings and dents that weren't filled prior to application.
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thanks for the replies. i'll look and see if i can find it.

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