Where can i find ceiling tiles


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Where can i find ceiling tiles

I would like to know where you can find ceiling tiles, not panels.

i possibly might be finishing my basement, and would like to know what size the tiles usually are? (are they 12"x12", i think they are standardly)

Another question:
would i just be able to screw thicker drop in ceiling panels to the furring strips, just like i would install tiles to furring strips?

it sure wouldn't take as long.

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Tiles or Panels?

When ceiling tiles are attached to furring strips, the fasteners are hidden by the next tile. If you attampt to use ceiling panels attached to furring strips, the fasteners will not be hidden. However, if you use screws, then individual panels could easily be removed if it became necessary to do so. It is a trade off of convenience versus appearance. If you do decide to attach panels to furring strips, I would suggest washer head screws since the panels are rather soft.
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I think i am going with the panel to furring strips route.

I really don't care what the ceiling will look like if there are some screws

holding it up in place. That is the idea i like of screwing the panels up there.

(I can just take the screws out and pop each panel off the ceiling if

necessary to do so, incase of plumbing issues or to install some electrical)

I still have a few questions...1.) How many screws would you use for

each 2x4 panel?(4) 2.) Can you get prefabricated white headed screws,

because wouldn't it be better to use white headed screws with white panels?

3.) Even though i'm not using drop ceiling panels in a suspended ceiling, i am

going to screw the panels to furring strips which will be attached to joists,

and i wasn't sure if either 2x2 or 2x4 panels are priced by Sq. Ft. or for the

single panel itself?(for example, I went to Homdepot about a week ago and the

price for a standard 2x4 panel it simply said = $0.45 for 1 panel) Any help

would be greatly appreciated...Thank you..
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how do video

Try this site for a how to video. Be sure to check out the snap lock tiles which I used in my kitchen. One end snaps in and the other take a couple of screws.

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Panel Cost

If you will read the fine print, you will see that the price you referenced above is the price per square foot.

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