Rough plasterboard (dry wall) walls.


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Rough plasterboard (dry wall) walls.

I have tried to strip some old wallpaper off walls in our current house. There were a number of layers and now I find that the wallpaper was papered onto bare plasterboard (dry wall). In removing the wallpaper I have also removed some of the dry wall paper. The result is a mess! I wondered if it is possible just to skim coat over the remaining wallpaper. My worry is that after the skim coat dries it will crack and flake. Could I possibly apply a coat of PVA or other bonding agent before I skim?
This problem runs throughout the house. I have never come across a house that has not had a finishing plaster applied over the boards!
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Any exposed gypsum needs to be coated with a solvent based primer prior to any patching. This will prevent the water in joint compound or latex paint from loosening the surrounding paper. Drywall is skim coated all the time and seldom has any adhesion issues.

Drywall that is only finished at the joints and nails/screws is common place in the USA.
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Hi Marksr. Many thanks for your quick reply! Despite watching many US DIY programs, 'This Old House' Bob Vela(?), Holmes on Homes, New Yankee Workshop etc. I can't remember if US dry wall is covered in a thin cardboard as our UK ones are.
I shall try and source a solvent based primer. It makes sense not to throw a water based product on it!
I wish we had a UK version of Extreme Makeover, I would be firing of a begging letter right now!
Thanks again for your help and warm welcome.

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