How do I cut out part of my wall?


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How do I cut out part of my wall?

I would like to cut a hole in my wall that separates my dining room from my family room. Probably a half arch so you can see through. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to handy work, but would like to learn. Any pointers? Thanks so much!
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You could treat the opening like you would a window. After you have determined if the wall is load-bearing or not, you'd remove drywall in a square large enough to work about 1 foot on either side of the final planned opening. If this opening is to be larger than the span of 2 interior wall studs (many times 24" on center), you will have to build a header to support the ceiling (and the second floor if applicable). Support the ceiling, cut studs, and build a suitable header, which leaves you with a square opening. Frame out the opening to the rough-in size. Then you need to build the arch...some do this with several layers of thin plywood, others do it carefully with thin drywall, and still others use pre-made adjustable metal arches you can find at the big-box store. After that, it's just finish work. Drywall, texture (maybe), paint, etc.

Also be aware of electrical circuits you may encounter and have to re-route, as well as plumbing and venting.

That's my "rough draft". I would hire someone to do this unless you have done framing before. And since this is a kitchen wall, assume there will be surprises (wires, vents, pipes, etc).

Good luck.
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Thank you so much!

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